Hi, all -

It's been too long since I've had a good TLR project, so I picked up another Rolleiflex to rehab. Seen here with its new Yashica-Mat brother, it's an Automat K4 (by serial):

The shutter needs to be cleaned and lubed (stuttering a little on the slow speeds) and the timer needs to be cleaned. The hood's off a K4A, and is missing the rear shade piece, but is serviceable. The screen's got to be aftermarket - it's the clearest, brightest screen I've seen! Which means I bought the RB67 screen and Polaroid (for mirror replacement) a little prematurely... The glass is in good shape, and the camera appears to be sound structurally. I think, once the shutter work's done and the camera proves its worth, a new leather skin from Morgan is in order.

I cannot wait to be elbows-deep in Rollei guts again!