hey all,

I'm really sorry to see this go, but it needs a new home. I bought it recently from a friend who's moving with full intention of using it when I have a darkroom of my own, but for the forseeable future I'll be printing at another friends house, or at a local photo center's facilities. This thing is the closest one to MINT I've ever seen.

So, what you're looking at here is a Thomas Duplex safelight, generally regarded as the "KING" of darkroom safelights. This unit has been used TWICE!!! NEVER BY MYSELF, just my friend. He bought it, used it twice, and then put it away in storage. What a dumby I know !! No joke. This thing is literally brand new. The filters have some bubbling in them due to being a few years old and having lived in a somewhat warm(ish) LA area attic, until now.

The bulb is included, and is in great condition, maybe a few fingerprints on it(my friends) from installing when first purchased. I can't see any rub marks or wear on the housing, but that shouldn't really matter anyhow, its a safelight !

don't be dissuaded by people saying a replacement bulbs is $120, you can get the identical bulb here:

whats included:

1. Housing w/ pull-chain for louvers.
2. Bulb
3. (2) Hanging chains(for hanging from ceiling)
4. Original box (which it will be shipped in, inside another box for maximum protection during shipment).
5. Red filters(2)
6. OC filters(2)
here's some pics to gaggle over, don't drool on the keyboard
I'm looking for $200+ shipping costs(VIA UPS Ground in the USA, Int'l will be via USPS Priority or Express Mail). It'll be shipped in the original box, INSIDE another box. Double boxing this thing is mandatory IMO. Protect thy investment !!!

I'm wiling to post worldwide, please be aware this has been wired for US/Canada(115V), so you'll need a voltage/plug converter to use it overseas(220V). NO ADAPTER IS INCLUDED IN THIS SALE.

Paypal is preferred(as a "gift"), or a Postal Money Order.


Send any questions you might have, I'll get back to you a.s.a.p..

more pictures here: