FS: 1 camera ( 4x5 )


6.8" ( 1746mm ) f 2.7 lens ( plano convex ) in barrel


this camera is a simple construction of my own design.
they has a focus screen.
1 waterhouse stops is included.
2 book style single sheet paper holders.

this camera is NOT a fixed focused camera .
this camera does not include a shutter.

why am i making these box cameras ?

to make a long story short, i love box cameras and i love experimenting.

with the box cameras i have made ( this is the 8th )
i use paper negatives. not short exposures, but long ones.
in the past the cameras i have made did not have paper holders. i have
included 2 book-style paper holders, so shorter exposures will be possible,
which will allow you to develop your paper negative in a conventional fashion.

4x5 camera, 2 holders and lens $100.00

paypal only ..
I never ask for "gift" option, please split paypal fees.

custom camera sizes are made upon request.

attached photographs ...

camera, lens and paper holders and an image projected onto the focus screen