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Ian, Sorry to quibble, but you said " . . . or 10g to 100ml water." That will not give you a 10% solution. If you add 10g to 90ml of water and then, after it is dissolved, add water to make 100ml, then you will have a 10% solution.

If you add 10g to 100ml of water the end result will be a solution that is more than 100ml and you will have a slightly less than 10% solution.

In practice, especially with only 10g, the actual percentage of the solution may not matter, but if we give advice here, we ought to be accurate.

Michael A. Smith
Pretty sure I said something similar to what you just said. This is what I said:

"Any typical 10% solution in water is based off of the fact that 1ml water weighs 1g. So targeting a 1L 10% solution, ~900 ml water, 100g of whatever, add water to hit 1L if it isn't already."