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I'm sure it'll work out. I am planning on gate crashing the Gordon's christmas party and making a disgraceful drunk of myself. Well....I'm only half joking.
Don't worry Mike, I'll join you in that! My favourite Woody Allen (mis)quote: "The thing I hate about office Christmas parties, is looking for a new job the next day."

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...he is a good talker. But after last night personally I feel he lacks any technical knowledge in photography.
What is it they say, 'Those who can't do, teach.' I'd then say 'those who can't teach, judge'

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Gary the typical photography judge I have been seeing lately is "Kyle Sandilands on a bourbon bender"

They don't even see that the photo is on RC or fiber photographic paper.
...I don't know which sentence made me laugh more!

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...I come to the conclusion that he only person that needs to be happy with my prints is me, if somebody else like them good for them.
So true.