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Another element that I think is emotive, is that whether we like it or not, there is a certain romanticized image of rural life.. and these images play to that concept... Many of the images depict "perfect" examples of this or that "character" from the farm-mythos.... ...
As someone who was born and has always lived in Devon, not far from where many of Ravilious' photographs were taken, I'd respectfully suggest that the subject matter of the images itself is not born of romanticism. The way of life he portrayed did and still does continue in the county, and his characters are still plentiful in the farming community. That's what it's like here, with many small farms that would be said by many to be in a time warp. Ravilious only told it like it was. He certainly didn't have to look very far or hard for his subjects, but the difference was that he was there in all winds and weathers, very early and very late, when the rest of us were still tucked up in bed, and did such a fine job of capturing the essence of those scenes and people around him.