Well, I went a bit overbudget, but had enough coins to still be able to afford a coffee on the way home.

The slide mounts were a nice score, as was a pictrol variable diffuser, and a separatory funnel and small jar of red opaque, and four 6x9 test pattern negs, and a 7.5w lamp for a safelight. All for under $10
A couple of filters for $7 total
I bought a superclamp with stud for $20, a manfrotto 029 three way head c/w quick release RC0 and plate for $75, and a 'Keepers of the Light' for $25
I had a nice day looking things over; it is good to see that a crowd still comes out to the show.

dave and I had a good chat trying to explain an SX-70 to a potential buyer and somewhat uninformed seller, and explain the current film situation.

I discussed with a young lady the modification possibilites that she could make to convert her just 'bought becuse it looked cool' Polaroid J-66 roll film camera into shooting conventional roll film,,like I have done with mine.

I also had a discussion with another lady who had bought an early Agfa box camera finished in blue on how to feed it 120 film using drywall anchor plugs to make the spool long enough to fit the wider spindle mounts in the camera, as I did to a Brownie that also came my way this past summer.

Then Dave stayed by at the house for a while and we gabbed photography.

Mostly around the gear, and vintage images that have landed on me since the last time he was by, which was a very nice time.

It is always kind of wierd for me to talk photography one on one with another, bcause most of my photography is such a singular pursuit with just me involved.

The balance fo the family was out for the afternoon, so I was actually able to stretch out on the couch reading a copy of Mees 'From Dry Plates to Ektachrome', that Dave has bought and graciously loaned to me to read first. I eventually drifted off for a nice refreshing nap before the hoard stirred me, arrived home for dinner.