Just had a look as of 8:00pm tonight. There is still 120 in Pan F and no mention there of final stocks but the range of 35mm Ilford films seems low by 7dayshop standards and all have final stocks labels except 120 PanF. No problems with regards Fuji or Kodak in either 35mm or 120 in terms of stock and no mention of buy while stocks last or final stocks.

Pure speculation on my part but it might be that if 7dayshop use a third party supplier then that supplier is having difficulties on delivery or prices at which 7dayshop believes it can be competitive and still make a profit. If it orders direct from Ilford then the problems I have mentioned above may apply directly to the 7dayshop/Ilford relationship.

7dayshop always had a restricted range of Ilford papers as well i.e. RC in Gloss or Pearl only but Ilford papers seem to be in very limited supply and with clearance prices attached to the few sizes that remain.

It will of course all remain speculation until 7dayshop reply. However if there is a "difficulty" of the nature I have speculated about then we are unlikely to be given info on sensitive commercial relationships so we may never know.