Thanks. I got very lucky, and would like to think that lots of people saw it, but did not take it, though I am not sure how true this is.

My schedule is very busy indeed, Ben. I am always running to and fro', and I have one day a week with no commitments, which I must use to study and take care of business. That is a big part of why I left it there. I rushed out of class early to attend a birthday party because I had forgot it was a critique night, so my services were not needed at school. I bring the RZ to school every Monday and Wednesday for students to use in the studio for the advanced color class for which I T.A. The school has one RB pro S and several Pentax 67IIs, but sometimes both students who are using the studio want the RB. To avoid a fistfight, I let one of them use my RZ.

Sometimes we just get lucky!