I noticed a while back that all Ilford papers were being sold very cheaply on 7DS, I tried to buy some boxes of 5x7 and they went on back order for about a month and then the order was cancelled / refunded. They're no longer going to be stocking the paper was the message I got. I've always found Ilford to be priced rather high at 7DS, especially in comparison to AG photographic. I suppose it's the free postage which makes them cheaper in total. But you've got to put up with slow delivery and appalling communication. I recently bought some rolls of 800Z and I purposely ordered in multiples of 5 so they'd come boxed in the pro packs. But they didn't and they were loose, I emailed 7DS to find out the expiry dates but they didn't bother to reply. I had to email Fuji UK to get an idea. I think 7DS are the Ryan Air of retailers - cheap at times but awful service when things so slightly not as planned.