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The standard Red 25 filter isn't sufficient to give you the infrared effect. You need a very dark red filter (B+W Type 092).

You can use most developers with this film. I'm using Adox ATM 49, which gives a very fine-grained negative.

I think your exposure will be in the 1/2 second to 1 second range. Although it's rated as ISO400, the filter requires an adjustment of 20 to 40 stops, possibly more, [THIS IS WRONG -- SEE MEA CULPA BELOW] resulting in an effecting ISO between 10 and 20. I've read of some people setting their meter to ISO6 or less.

As with other infrared film, you should handle it in total darkness, although from my understanding, it's not nearly as sensitive to "light piping" as the older Kodak HIE.

Take a look at Freestyle. They have a spec sheet on their site for this film.

And of course, the requisite photo samples:

In this shot, my home made lens shade + the filter caused vignetting. This is with a Zeiss Ikon Contax IIa and postwar 35mm Biogon.

Just the filter, only, with this shot. Different lens. Contax IIa and 21mm Biogon.
I really like the results that you achieved with this film. I must get around to trying it when my HIE is gone.