Hi everyone just to clarify that regrettably 7dayshop.com will no longer be stocking Ilford film in the future. As any remaining products sell out we are turning these offline and cannot foresee these items being re-stocked. The simple reason for this decision is that we were being told by Ilford UK that (for the 2nd time in less than 6 months), they were substantially increasing our buying prices. We felt that these increases were unacceptable and were way out of line with other manufacturers of black and white film prices. We also felt that 7dayshop.com were being targeted for paying higher prices as we typically sell film at discount prices. Additionally their film (which is made in the UK) was actually available on eBay.co.uk for less than we were being asked to pay from this seller who was based East Germany - let's just say the term "Rip Off Britain" came to mind !

So after more than 10 years of happily selling Ilford film 7dayshop.com decided not to support the brand anymore, we believed that Ilford were loosing touch with some of their core customers who really needed prices to be kept low (Students for example) and we felt that an effort was being made to push us out of the market. Its also interesting that Ilford have their own website where they sell film direct to their customers and this is something that we think you will see more and more of with the large manufacturers. But cutting out the middleman doesn't seem to have saved anyone any money yet !

I hope this helps for now !?