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Thank you Tom, I know it sounds daft but I like the Kenro ones as I have a few already and would like them to match...

Thank you for finding the time to register and reply, its nice when retailers find the time to do that. I find it strange that Ag have Delta 400 35mm at 3.95 Mathers of Lancs are 3.99 yet you are a whole pound more expensive! How are those retailers making a profit if Ilford are indeed making their prices too expensive for you to stock. I find it hard to accept that Ilford would penalise just one supplier?
Don't you ship from the channel Islands sans VAT? why the big price difference when mainland shops are cheaper with VAT?
Very strange...

Remember Harman did increase prices by up to 25% a while ago just for the UK market, however these increases didn't seem to directly translate to retail prices.

I had assumed 7dayshop made their money by selling at near UK prices, while taking the "VAT" component as revenue; and that postage costs are less than the difference.