Tom I remember the price increase as before it I was paying under 2.00 for a roll of 120 HP5 after it was about 2.50-2.89.
Last price I've seen at 7 day shop for Ilford 120 was north of 3.50
I expect prices to increase, but it doesn't explain why Ag photographic have Delta 35mm listed at 3.95 which presumably is inclusive of VAT.
Why should 7dayshop be 4.79 for the same product (which presumably is sans VAT as it ships from the Channel Islands split into bags worth less that 15)
Surely if Ag and Mathers are 3.99(inc VAT) and 7 day are 4.99 (sans VAT) then either Ag/Mathers are undercharging (possible) or 7 Day are charging too much.
I will say I find Ag and Mathers Ilford prices very competitive, possibly 7 day have discovered more price increases in the next stock order?