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Okay, found a glitch - the camera focuses short of infinity. Checked through both the viewing and taking lenses. I've adjusted focus on viewing lenses before, but never on taking lenses. Have feelers out on this, but in the meantime, anyone know how to adjust the taking lens?
I've done this. There is a slotted nut inside the focusing knob you can adjust. The way I did it is I took the back off the camera and placed a piece of slide mount glass in the film plane. The glass had a piece of frosted cellophane tape with an x drawn on it with a fine point pen. The slotted nut was temporarily loosened and retightened so the camera focused beyond infinity. The you set up another camera known to be accurate at infinity facing the Rollei. It's easier and more accurate if that camera has a telephoto lens. I used a Nikon F with a 300mm. Make sure that camera is locked at infinity. You then focus the Rollei so the X mark is sharp in the other camera. Keeping the knob from turning you then loosen and retighten the slotted nut against the infinity stop.