At Frame Destination, we are in the process of adding 4-Ply Alpharag and our price for 16x20 with window cut will be $10.64 at qty one with volume discounts starting at qty 4. Our price for a blank 16x20 (no window) will be $8.47. Frame Destination is an APUG sponsor and we ship from Dallas, TX. We already have 8-Ply Alpharag on our website but only in a couple colors. We will be adding 4-Ply with many colors and adding lots of colors to our 8-Ply selection.

Our prices are better than Documounts for precuts and currently Documounts prices are better for blanks but we are lowering our blank prices when we add the 4-ply mats. Another thing to watch out for with Documounts is that custom sizes are just marked up to next standard size so your price for pano can be double or triple companies that do not do that.

It looks like Lodima probably has better prices than us for blanks. So in general if you go with us for precuts and Lodima for blanks you will be getting a better price and in both cases using an Apug sponsor.

Lodima apparently has pro photographers...myself, I am amateur photographer and founded Frame Destination due to the lack of frames available for 3:2 aspect ratio prints.


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Price comparison: the documounts price includes the window cut. So, a comparison would be
16x20 alpharag w/window cut:
lodima=13.84 (3.84 +5+5)