Seen it now, thanks.

Could be either the body or the lens.

The thing this works is that the key in the body's lens mount rotates for a set number of degrees and then stops.
That key is connected to the shutter by an axle, the slotted end of which you see when you take the lens off.
The shutter is set to go "all the way" with the key controlling how far it actually can go for each step in the release cycle.

What happens in your camera is that the process is halted just before the shutter and aperture get to the point that they close.
So either the camera's key angle is not right and needs adjusting. Or the lens itself (or rather the connecting axle in it) is just out of proper alignment and needs readjusting. You can test which if you have another lens and see how it works with that.

It's not a major repair, but requires that the camera's chassis, bearing all the working bits, comes out of the shell, and a fair deal of know-how, or else more terrible things can happen when the chassis is out of the shell. So a job for a qualified repair person.