Well at least we have had a response on APUG and the problems seem to be what I speculated on, namely a major breakdown in the 7dayshop/ Ilford relationship that goes to the whole range including paper. A great pity.

If Sarah is right about the European e-bay seller then this is the classic grey imports phenomenon. There was a time in another industry when it was cheaper for U.K. retailers to buy from European retailers than buy direct from the manufacturers. Only when the retailers threatened to set up their own buying process, cutting out the manufacturer, did sense prevail.

I doubt if 7dayshop on its own is in a position to do this but it must create friction when to sell in Europe the manufacturer is prepared to sell at a price which enables the European e-bay reseller to sell back to the U.K. at prices which a U.K. retailer( Yes I know this is strictly speaking the Channel Islands) can't allegedly compete with. Bear in mind that 7dayshop has overheads that the e-bay seller may not.

I suspect that 7dayshop might still be able to compete but it is so annoyed at the change to its terms of trade that it is prepared to abandon a complete line of goods. If I had bought at X price and sold at Y for a reasonable profit and was then told the price was X+ for reasons I couldn't see were justified on a commercial basis, thus cutting my profit, I might be annoyed enough to do the same.

One thing is sure. Losing another supplier of analogue products which services the U.K. is not going to work in our, the U.K. customers' favour