That's grossly overstating things.

The camera pushes the pin out of the way every time a lens is mounted on it. That tiny brass screw doesn't seem to mind that.
The full tension is on that tiny little catch and that tiny little screw any time a lens is not on a camera. If that would be bad, DESTRUCTIVE even, many people would need to have their lenses fixed awfully often.

But yes, what the camera then also does is keep the axle from rotating by the key in the lens mount. There's nothing stopping that happening when you push the pin yourself. So the axle spins freely. Not something to worry about.
When you do push the pin and release the axle, the pin will be just out of the way when that thing starts to spin. Now you could say that this means that there is a danger that it will rub and break. But on the other hand, if it hadn't gone out of the way far enough, the axle would still be held by it.

So no worries. Really not.
And besides: how often are you planning to do this?