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The context here is that I need to re-build my photography website in due course within the next few months, having built a simple site with hand coded HTML back in 2006-2008 that hasn't been updated since and doesn't meet my current criteria; meaning I'm happy to start from scratch in design and technology terms.
I did exactly this earlier this year using Word Press and Zenphoto after 5 years of a relatively dead, hard to update HTML self-coded site. WP oriented content management systems (CMS) make updating gallery content a breeze, while the "blogging" features can keep your site alive and current. No $ output to create the site in terms of software using my existing host, plenty of help on line, and a vigorous user community have made me a fan. Most web savvy gurus seem now to be recommending blogging tools over web-design software for site construction of all kinds.

You can see my results here.