I have 3 100mm 3.5 lenses, 2 silver and one black. no vignetting for all 3 of them.

[I also own a polariod 600se with all 3 lenses (75mm, 127mm and 150mm). the 600se lenses are fine of course, the cover the whole format.]

for the different mamiyas I own I have a 65mm which shows quite some vignetting with the polaroid back. my 127mm with mamiya lens mount is fine, as expected. the 75mm and the newer 150mm should be covering the whole format as well.

how about the 50mm, the 100mm 2.8, the older 150mm and the two 250mm lenses? has anybody tried them on a polaroid back?

I would like to have some more information before I try to buy one theses lenses. thanks in advance.