For sale is a Bronica GS-1 film body with a 100mm f/3.5 PG lens, 120 film back and waist level finder. Camera has normal wear on the exterior including some light scratches in the paint etc. Overall clean though. Good working condition, electronics and mechanics all tested and function perfectly. Some paint loss on the waist level but it pops up nicely. Standard split focusing screen. Lens in good shape, glass clean except perhaps a couple of tiny specks of dust, nothing which will affect use. This is the smallest lightest 6x7 camera out there, just a little bigger than a Hasselblad. A pleasure to use with beautiful 6x7 Negs. - $425

Bronica PG 50mm f/4.5 for the GS-1, very good condition. Glass is clean except for one minute mark on the front element near the serial number, this is extremely light and perhaps 1mm or less long. Exterior of the lens shows minor wear, focus smooth, shutter accurate and the aperture clicks nicely. Comes with original caps. - $220

Bronica PG 150mm f/4 for the GS-1, good condition, some light wear on the exterior but the glass is clean and clear except for perhaps a few tiny specks of dust. Focus smooth, shutter and aperture both working flawlessly. Comes with original caps. - $140

Bronica GS Bellows - Very good condition, one side of the bellows is wrinkled but is still flexible and light tight. Has been tested with a flashlight as well as with a roll of film. Some light wear on the exterior but overall clean. Comes with caps. 150mm extension for some ridiculously close macro work - $Make offer

Also available is an 18mm extension tube, film backs and speed grip.