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Will Do! With the direction the club is headed with our new president, the club honestly isn't worth your time. I am going to slowly back out of it. It's all about learning how to use photoshop and I think that the new president is in it for his own benefit. We use to take field trips all over and this guy hates field trips......It was, for the past year, a very sucessful club! I had some wonderful experiences.
Just wanted to take a moment to clear any misconceptions/misunderstandings regarding the Whaling City Camera Club, its purpose, and/or its president...

For starters, I find what you have to say about The Whaling City Camera Club a bit disheartening. Quite frankly, there is not a single line of text that you have written that is accurate, or based on anything factual, other than you backing out of it.

As a club, we have all embraced you, we support and encourage your passion for photography, and are all inspired by your fascination with film photography. As a fellow member of the club, it has always been a pleasure having you as part of our membership. I always looked forward to you sharing your film experience and images with us.

I was looking forward to you sharing those images and experiences with the 8 new members that also shoot film, but as you mentioned, you have not participated with the club's activities.

Contrary to what you have expressed here, we have a relatively full slate of field trips this season, and more events are added on an ongoing basis, but again, you would be unaware of that as you have not attended any meetings, nor did you participate in any of the developmental teams that were responsible for planning the club's events.

The president of the club does not hate field trips. Frankly, I have no idea why you would say that? In fact, if you joined us for any this year, you would know otherwise. He loves field trips, he loves being out shooting, always has - Unfortunately, his schedule does not always allowed him to make whole day commitments to long distance events, so historically he has tried to make any local event he can.

Please forgive me though, for not understanding how the president's ability to attend field trips would have any impact whatsoever on the the club's activity schedule, when the activity schedule was developed by an events team comprised of active club members that LOVE field trips. In fact, the president had absolutely no influence on the club's schedule whatsoever.

The events team was formed by a group of volunteer members, (every member was encouraged to become part of the developmental teams) - But again, you would not know much about this as you did not step forward to take part in the direction of the club, or work to develop an activity schedule, or help contact potential guest speakers, or do anything constructive as a member of the club whatsoever. The invitation to be part of the developmental teams went out to every member on a regular basis throughout the summer.

We even canvassed for additional team members even as the volunteer members were hard at work planning the schedule for this season. The field trip and events schedule, the guest speakers and club functions are all the result of their hard work.

That said, your "backing out" of the club explains why you are unknowing of the actual events and happenings of the club.

I'm also vexed that you would say that the club is all about learning photoshop, when in total, we have had only 4 Photoshop tutorials EVER. Furthermore, every tutorial has been on dates that fall in-between regular club meetings, and were scheduled as an optional/added benefit to members by the PREVIOUS president.

Although we now have roughly 8 or 9 film shooters, the club is predominately digital, and as such Photoshop is a method of digitally developing images, so having some "Photoshop basics" tutorials for people wanting to learn a little about photoshop seems necessary.

In contrast to your text, so far this year, we have not had a single photoshop tutorial, so I am not sure how you can state that we are "all about learning photoshop" - However, being the photographic tool that it is, we do plan to have a few basic tutorials throughout the season. Hardly the Photoshop University you pitch.

What I am most concerned about though, is the injustice you are doing to the other 50+ members of the club - The Whaling City Camera Club is "their" club, it is not a club of one. It is quite discouraging to read your disparaging words about a club that you have taken no interest in this year, yet you write about it as if you are an authority and have experienced these things for yourself. You have not been a active member of this club this year whatsoever - Perhaps my biggest gripe is that you write from assumption, not from reality.

One more point that simply cannot go unaddressed... The president of the club has no ulterior motives, no hidden agenda, nothing to benefit personally from his role as a member, or as president.

His decision to run for president, and to be elected by his peers, has been as selfless as could be imaginable. Quite frankly, I think your perception of what is, and what isn't, has been blurred by outside influences, not from personal experiences. There is not a single example that you or anyone else could site that would point to any form of self benefit, not one.

Of course, if I did not know all these things to be factual, I would be no more a man writing about them than you.

That said, I encourage you to come join us more often and be "part" of the club. Be part of the team that actually plans the field trips, be part of the group that comes out to share their images, talks about photography, learn from others experiences, competes in a friendly/fun format, and supports each others efforts and endeavors as aspiring photographers.

To stand from the outside looking in, drawing assumptions about what you have been missing, does not seem to make much much sense, let alone writing about your assumptions as if based on anything remotely resembling reality.

Come see for yourself what you have been missing, then write about it - I'm sure you will have a different opinion when you throw a bit of reality into the equation.

In closing, I'd like to congratulate you on your library exhibit, which many of us Whaling City Camera Club members came out to show our support of you. Also, I hope you have had the chance to play around with the dark room equipment that was donated to you by a local citizen through The Whaling City Camera Club - And I still have a box of books for you (in your absence, I have stopped bringing them to every meeting) that were also donated to the club to be passed onto you as well.

By the way, we have a field trip this Saturday to Roger Williams Zoo - Maybe we will see you there? Please let me know if you will be joining us so I can bring the books with me.

Scott Gomes, President
Whaling City Camera Club