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I did some 7ft x 8" pano images recently and decided very quickly that traditional mats and frames were going to be way too expensive for the job (I was giving the images away to friends, not selling them). For mats and frames I was quote $800 and I needed to do three.

So... what I did was get some 1/10" aluminum; I bought it in a 4ft x 8ft piece which cost about $250. This was cut into strips by a machine shop and then polished and weathered by hand, giving a unique look. The prints were then affixed, and several liberal coatings of krylon were then applied.

People who see them say they really like them. The first one, which was a disaster, hangs on my own wall. The other two worked out much better and hang on the walls of two dear friends, with mirror mounts.

Thank you all for your help, much appreciated