Hoffy: "This has got me thinking, has the art of a soft portrait disappeared? So often now days there is so much influence on equipment that can display the most extreme resolution, that I think the Soft Portrait is a thing of the past."..

No not by a long shot. Especially, as mentioned by Paul, in LF soft focus is very popular!

(and SO much fun)

Paul: "Which is probably why people who get the SF bug end up with a lot of different lenses. "

so true. the bug will get you, if you dont take care...

CGW: "Suspect those who buy them really don't know what they're getting. Rubber band some Saran wrap over your lens and say "David Hamilton." "

and where do you get that knowlegde?
wrapping a lens has nothing to do with making soft focus portraits with a dedicated SF lens.

SF photography is hard to do! to get the right soft focus is not that easy.
And as Paul said; there are many very different lenses (in LF) to find. all a little different from the other.

PS: not being english speaking: what does "all cheese " mean (I love cheese, but I suspect this comment isn't that positive (?))