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Hoffy: "This has got me thinking, has the art of a soft portrait disappeared? So often now days there is so much influence on equipment that can display the most extreme resolution, that I think the Soft Portrait is a thing of the past."..

No not by a long shot. Especially, as mentioned by Paul, in LF soft focus is very popular!

(and SO much fun)

Paul: "Which is probably why people who get the SF bug end up with a lot of different lenses. "

so true. the bug will get you, if you dont take care...

CGW: "Suspect those who buy them really don't know what they're getting. Rubber band some Saran wrap over your lens and say "David Hamilton." "

and where do you get that knowlegde?
wrapping a lens has nothing to do with making soft focus portraits with a dedicated SF lens.

SF photography is hard to do! to get the right soft focus is not that easy.
And as Paul said; there are many very different lenses (in LF) to find. all a little different from the other.

PS: not being english speaking: what does "all cheese " mean (I love cheese, but I suspect this comment isn't that positive (?))
Since it's a look so easily replicated with PS, why bother with a dedicated lens with such limited utility? Nostalgia aside, the 70s SF look is pretty much absent from current fashion and editorial photography. The contemporary digital versions don't bear much resemblance to the old flat look.