Jay: I once asked Steve Grimes about the possibility of finding a Studio shutter for my big 360/4.5 Heliar, and he didn't recommend it, suggesting that they were usually in bad shape and not worth repairing, and it was better to go with a Packard Shutter or give up a half stop and adapt it to an Ilex#5. You should ask him directly, but note that he doesn't say anything about repairing Studio shutters on his website. A conventionally mounted Packard wouldn't have worked for me, because my camera has a tapered bellows, and the lensboards are too small for a shutter that would have had a big enough aperture for the lens, and a front-mounted Packard would have shifted the weight too far forward. Eventually I was lucky enough to find a lightweight, front mount iris-type shutter that fits on the front of the lens with three set-screws and is operated with an air bulb. Like a Packard, it has three settings--open, bulb, and "I" (about 1/15 sec.). Eventually I should add flash sync to it, but meanwhile I can just dim the room lights, open the shutter, and fire the flash separately, and results are usually pretty good. In your situation, I would probably get a Packard with sync for the Verito.

As to the general question--I do think people who are active online in a photography forum should post work somewhere. I have a website at:


At the same time, I agree that digital presentation is generally unsatisfying to me, and I'd rather be printing than scanning and manipulating images in Photoshop. The print exchange sounds interesting, or maybe some sort of circulating portfolio, where participants could form a kind of circle, each contributing a print to the portfolio, mailing it from one participant to the next, and then when it comes back to you, take out your previous print and put in a new one.