After posting, I did some reading on the web and found a listing of models by s/n. It turns out I have a T, 1st version. No automat mechanism but not an issue. I have to think about the film to pass through it. I have in the freezer some XP2 and Tech Pan. I do think I'll more likely than not use transparency film once all is settled as to the servicing. Foma has a b&w reversal film that also seems promising.

A Yashicamat tlr was one of my 1st mf cameras and though it did not have the same feeling, it was a very good shooter. The lens was sharp but not too contrasty and it seemed built for abuse. I traded it as part of the trade-in for the Bronica system but over the years have recommended it to others who wanted to test the water. It is one of those cameras that has more bang for the buck than it should have when new. Even now they are bargains. If I did not have the Rollei as I have an inventory of Bayonet I accessories, it would be on my to get list.