I do not think the Edixa reflex cameras with focal plane shutters had ever used anything rather than the M42 mount; for that matter in the UK, the M42 mount was variously known as Praktica mount, Pentax mount or Edixa mount, depending on one's allegence of course.

It would be interesting to actually examine an Edixa actually fitted with a bayonet mount. But...

Although there is an "outrigger" mechanism on some lenses for the Edixa, it does not necessarily mean that it is a bayonet mount. Edixa put the release button at the front so that lenses do not need internal iris actuation, but can use the outrigger-type direct actuation as seen not just on cameras like the Exakta, but also Miranda, Topcon, Alpa, some lenses for the pre-IV series Praktica, and of course the Start.