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My motto could be: the shorter the focal length, the more boring the photograph.
I like to use the near standard stuff (60 80 100 110 120) for a lot of things (you do need longer and shorter lenses sometimes). So there must be some optimal range, inbetween the two mottos.
Your motto could be.

I commit to my motto, however. :-)

Realistically, I don't think there's any "optimal" FL, however the FL is most definitely attached to how much space the photographer shares with the subject - which is further picked up on by the viewer of the images produced from it.

In terms of 135, a 50mm can convey separation, whereas a 20-35mm can convey involvement or immersion because you had to be close to pull off a good shot.

Sometimes separation is pertinent - however most of the time immersion is much more powerful. Mainly because it takes involvement and commitment.

Caveat emptor: I'm not a rocks and trees photographer.