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Your motto could be.

I commit to my motto, however. :-)
My life, my world, isn't black and white, contains many nuances.

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Realistically, I don't think there's any "optimal" FL, however the FL is most definitely attached to how much space the photographer shares with the subject - which is further picked up on by the viewer of the images produced from it.

In terms of 135, a 50mm can convey separation, whereas a 20-35mm can convey involvement or immersion because you had to be close to pull off a good shot.

Sometimes separation is pertinent - however most of the time immersion is much more powerful. Mainly because it takes involvement and commitment.

I agree. But 20 mm is far too short, far too unreal for that sort of stuff. I doesn't convey, i think, involvement or immersion, but a "look at my neat lens and the trickery it can do, and so yes, i'm a photographer here to take photos, not giving a hoot for what they are doing, but do want you to notice i'm not afraid to get in other people's faces" kind of thingy.

35 mm would do nicely though.

Longer lenses too, because people stand back from what they are doing too. The photographer should join them and do likewise.