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I just did 6 rolls of 120 at TIW a couple of weeks ago and it was amazing. I took them in at 11:00am and picked it up at 3:00. Four of the rolls were E-6 and they came out amazing. I will be mailing my film to them more often as it was a bit of a pain to get into the city etc. I live in Waterloo and the only e-6 processing in town is $14 per roll versus $6 per roll at TIW.
Replying to a post from over a year ago... now no one does it in Waterloo or Guelph :-( Obviously I wasn't shooting enough.

C41 is still fairly reasonable, I can drop off one night and pick it up the day after. I do digital as well (for now) but honestly I have enough trouble with digital colors I'm almost ready to go all film again... Selling my digital bodies would still buy me a lot of film even with the rapid depreciation.