I can't beleive I'm parting with this, but the truth is that I never used it. I'm forever making fittings to mount strange lenses into shutters instead. I bought this shutter new from John and Reno maybe a decade ago, when I toured the New Jersey factory with an eye towards buying the business. Shoulda, coulda, woulda. Too busy running a microbrewery at the time.

This is a damn-near brand-new Model 6 (Instantaneous or Time Exposure) Packard Ideal shutter. It's mounted on a 5 3/4" by 5 3/4" frame, and has a 3 inch opening. Included, when I find them, are the original control pin and pin mounting flange (to be mounted on the front of the lensboard) to enable the Instantaneous mode. When's the last time you saw those? As I say, I've got to find them; they're around here somewhere, sitting in their original envelope. Not being able to find things is the motivating factor in my selling off some of my unused "treasures".

I'll gouge you for $150 + shipping for this gem - a lot less than I paid for it new. I doubt that I'll do the 'bump and drop' with this, so take it or leave it at this price.

Satisfaction guaranteed. Paypal OK.