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Hi Erik,

I'm not sure what issue you could possibly have. This is a minor point release update. The site is down for around 2hrs and then is back and you should not notice a thing. Can you describe what happens for you? This will probably be the last update we have for a while. vBulletin 4.0 was a bit buggy initially but most have been squashed in this next update so future updates will be tapering off.

I'm just reporting what I saw, the last time there was an update, or I surmise there was an update, I just log on and rarely follow what takes place on an administrative level.

But suddenly I'm cut out, unable to acess ANYTHING around these parts, last time I was able to log on via another site or service, but updates was spotty and I was rarely able to answer to anything. That was very annoying when I was trying to follow World Camera 7 on its travel...

Last time I ended up sending a PM and after some time I got PM back, tried something and PM'ed again, then PM answer and suddenly I could log on again.

Mark this LOG ON did NOT work.

I'm not particularly interested in partaking in bugfixes and such that is a past life for me, and I do not want to be sucked back....

So until this site works reliably for more than a year, as seen from here, subscription is out of the question, I might even opt to leave, but I realize that such a threat is only negative for myself.