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I'm just reporting what I saw, the last time there was an update, or I surmise there was an update, I just log on and rarely follow what takes place on an administrative level.

But suddenly I'm cut out, unable to acess ANYTHING around these parts, last time I was able to log on via another site or service, but updates was spotty and I was rarely able to answer to anything. That was very annoying when I was trying to follow World Camera 7 on its travel...

Last time I ended up sending a PM and after some time I got PM back, tried something and PM'ed again, then PM answer and suddenly I could log on again.

Mark this LOG ON did NOT work.

I'm not particularly interested in partaking in bugfixes and such that is a past life for me, and I do not want to be sucked back....

So until this site works reliably for more than a year, as seen from here, subscription is out of the question, I might even opt to leave, but I realize that such a threat is only negative for myself.

Well, there is definitely something going on with your side as soon after updates I've had 10,000's of logins without any complaints raised. I'm happy to work through any issues with you. A start would be to know what operating system you are on and browser you use, are you going through a proxy server. There is also the rare chance our firewall has flagged your ip address as a spam server, in which case we need to release your ip address (this might happen to 1 or 2 accounts every few months). When you say you could not access "Anything" are you saying the site would not even load? After the next update I'll contact you via email to see how you are going.