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I use Win 7 I think the last time around, after about 1,5 week of witing to see if it solved itself, and logging in through another site which was a nuisance (suggested by win 7 I think) a mail to you solved the problem (unflagged?) Im probably the second of those...

Its is the second or thrid time it happened, first time it solved itself, next time I had to mail you.

It is tiresome.
When you say "through another site" are you talking about a proxy server? Sounds like it may have blocked you at the firewall. If this happens again email me directly apug.org@gmail.com put in the subject line "LOCKED OUT", I'll see what's going on, get you back in and try to keep it from happening again.. I do see your current ip and have instructed the firewall to leave it alone, but you ip may change over time.