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Fujifilm plans second medium format film camera

Fujifilm has quietly unveiled plans to release a second medium format film camera following on the success of the GF670. The new camera - the GF670W - will sport a wide-angle lens

Author: Olivier Laurent

24 Sep 2010 Tags: FujifilmFilmPhotokina
Two years ago, Fujifilm introduced the GF670 portable folding bellows film camera, jointly developed with Cosina. The camera's most unusual feature was its mechanism for switching between two different film formats - 6x7cm and 6x6cm. It was also fitted with a Fujinon EBC 80mm f/3.5 fixed focal length lens.

While the camera was first released in Japan, its instant success has forced Fujifilm to release it in the rest of the world - and now, it is planning to release a second version of the camera, this time with a 55mm lens.

The Fujifilm GF670W has been developed following "numerous requests for the production of a series of medium-format wide-angle cameras," says Fujifilm. The GF670W Professional has been designed for professional and high-end amateur landscape photographers, says the firm, and allows for the use of both 120 and 220 films.

It features a rangefinder, an aperture-priority AE mode, as well as manual exposure modes. Its 55mm lens is composed of 10 elements in eight groups, while its electronically controlled lens shutter has a speed of up to 1/500s.

The GF670W will be available in 2011. Pricing has yet to be determined.