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Strange idea, what if you started off at 24 degrees and let cool to 14 degrees? Pick a different starting temperature if necessary but you should have some serious developing action to begin and the cooling will not be as significant since while you end up at the same place, you just allow more action to begin with. 24 might be high, start with 22 or 23.
That way you introduce a variable that is hard to control: the rate of cooling.
That's why i want to work at whatever the thermometer says (currently 14 C).
The alternative would be trying to keep the temperature up for an hour or so. Not having a heated, controlled water bath, i'd rather not.

It would appear that 14 C is not a problem, perhaps even a boon. So i'll go with that.

I will warm up the fixer though. Shouldn't be a problem, since that doesn't need to be kept at temperature for that long.