An additional emulsion workshop is coming up in January. PE / Ron Mowrey will be teaching a short class on basic gaslight paper-making at George Eastman House in Rochester, NY.

This is a great opportunity for anyone interested. I've taken a workshop from Ron, and it's not just emulsion science that you will learn. Ron is a first class bard of Kodak history and legend. Great fun.

And about that opportunity part: Mark Osterman, Ron, and I would like to stage a Silver Gelatin Symposium at GEH sometime soon'ish, hopefully by 2012. But, and here's the rub, interest must be demonstrated to the folks who fund these kinds of things -- interest in the tangible form of people paying money to take classes at GEH and elsewhere.

Artisan silver gelatin emulsionmaking education is in its infancy. It's a financial gamble for all concerned -- instructors and hosts alike (no one involved expects to make money, but no one can afford to lose it either). The Photographers' Formulary is giving me the whole workshop facility for two weeks in June (Bless their faith!!). At GEH and at the Formulary, the classes offered this year will probably have to prove themselves if they are to be offered again. Bottom line (figuratively and literally): as nice as websites, forums, books and videos may be, hands-on education, in a real workshop environment, is invaluable to learning a craft. This year, in this particular situation, if you can afford the time and money to take one class in NY or one or two in Montana (or all three ), you will not only be learning a unique skill, but you will be helping to guarantee that the education will be available in the future, including more advanced classes. 2011 is probably the make-or-break point.