New on C-41, recent developing session unfortunately ended in a lot of coloured spots on the film, small more or less geometrical shaped spots in clean colours (cyan, magenta etc.) all over the film (seems as if on both sides of the film!). Hardly possible to see when looking right through the negative on the light board, but looking at the surface of the film from another angle it's easy to see. Also possible to see when scanning the neg (not always hard to correct in Photoshop).

Equipment used: Jobo CPE-2, 2553 Tank, Film: Ektar 100 (120, 4x5"), Tetenal 3 bath C-41, process temp 30C (86F), pre-washed film in water for 5min 30C, film #6-8 in the the same liter. According to Tetenal developing time 9 min, bleach fix 8 min in process temp 30 C. Unfortunately I think I developed for 10 min and bleach fix for 10 min.

What's the problem? Overdeveloping, over fixing? Contaminated chemicals? Too old chemicals? (Chemicals used little bit more then 1 month old)