I recently picked up a Kodak Bantam Special and when it arrived I found it was the Supermatic model. Hooray! All I saw in the picture was a dirty, beaten camera, but at the right price. A lot of cleaning and it's almost as good as new.

When the following two popped up on ebay, for 'parts/repair', I couldnt resist:
Just spent a whole day on the silver one. Somebody stripped the enamel from it, so I now have the choice of repainting or leaving it bare.. (probably leave it as-is). The shutter was almost a write-off, as the blades (only non-stainless part) had rusted up completely and the rust/water mix had dripped into and dried up in the mechanism. Did a complete overhaul, including sanding the shutter blades and regaining all functions except 'B', which is an easy fix when I can fashion another spring.

Got some work cut out for me with the black one as somebody has taken a big set of pliers to the thread around the back element and it won't screw back into the lensboard.
I'm thinking seriously of transplanting a digital (a small Canon P&S with CHDK hacks) into this one and retaining the front lens/shutter assembly.

The Compur shutters are not difficult to service, especially as the low speed assembly can be removed and cleaned seperately. Both Compur and Supermatic shutters can be cleaned without major dissassembly.