It looks like I won’t be able to shoot all the Kodachrome I have in hand in time to get it to Dwayne’s before the December 31, 2010 deadline.

As a result, I have for sale ten (10) rolls of 24 exposure Kodachrome 64. This is some of the film that I purchased here on APUG from Daniel Bayer (the Kodachrome Project). It is all of the same emulsion (#1461). I have kept it frozen since acquiring it from him in 2008.

As I recall it, Daniel listed it for sale here because he had sufficient stock of 36 exposure rolls to take him to (his then projected) end of his project. Daniel indicated at that time that it had a 06/2005 expiry date, and that the film was taken out of the boxes and containers when he bought it and that it was subsequently stored by him at -20 below zero in a dedicated film freezer.

I have shot some of what I have and it looks great. I’ve posted an example below.

Price: $4.00 USD per roll, plus shipping, with a minimum of two rolls per sale.

If someone is willing to buy 5 or more rolls, price will be $3.50 USD per roll plus shipping.

I’ll handle the PayPal fees. 3% to APUG