Before purchasing mail order from any unfamiliar vendor, I would suggest checking out comments on the camera shop forum at photonet under community/reviews.
There are over 4500 comments about vendors, good, bad and downright ugly.

Some examples: KEH, MPEX- excellent; B&H, Calumet, Beach- good among many others, and downright ugly- Cambridge, AAA camera and video among many others.

You know you should stay away when 95% of the post titles are something like "Lying Thieving Snakepit", or Lies, Fraud and Deceit! (That one is mine pertaining to being burned by Cambridge a few years ago before I was aware of that forum.

It is a good resource and I would encourage people to contribute a comment either good or bad about transactions you have. The more poeple are warned about shops doing poor and sometimes fraudulent practices the better the chance they will eventually go out of business.

One little piece of advice is to be wary of new companies that spring up, especially in NY. Some companies will operate on the margins of the law and when the pressure from the BBB or state attorney general gets to great, they will shut down and reincorporate under a new name possibly filing papers in a new state.
In that forum there are links in some posts to bulletins put out by the BBB outlining this practice.

Anyway, hope this helps someone in the future save some money, time and headaches.