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Yes, cheap crap from Turkey.

On the other hand I was in the plane with someone of Monsanto selling all kind of first class seeds to Ukraine incl. their Pesticides So it IS possible to start it up again.

I have small business in photographic equipment, chemicals, films and papers. Unfortunately transport to the Ukraine is slow and expensive. Well seeing the highway on above video it's clear this is one of the biggest problems in your country. It will delay economic grow tremendously.

I think it's necessary put in a few Billions of Euro to start up better infra structure. Open borders with Europe/Shengen will be also necessary for economic grow. But your situation can be compared with Romania, Bulgaria and Moldavia. Still a long way to go but Europe is willing to pay for it because in the future all will benefit of prosperity and a safe and stable Europe. Countries who were less lucky after WWII need the chance now to improve their overall situation and more strong countries in the West should give their full support for it.
That's right, that's right...
About your business. Are you going to import into Ukraine photographic equipment and (that is much more interest for me) chemistry and films? Or may be you already doing it?