I've got a bit tired of the "stress" associated with digital. Recently my large format friend gave me his complete large format darkroom, 2 enlargers, film washer, chemicals and a 2 foot high stack of Oriental Seagull papers (which I've been told are great).

So I've been thinking of just waving away the whole digital thing for a while and not worrying about megapixels etc etc.

I've never had medium format, but I can trade in my D70+3 lenses and exchange it for a

Rollei 6008 SRC 1000 (in great condition)
6000 Back
6006 Back
Polaroid Back
Rollei 80mm HFT
Rolleigon 150mm HFT
Rolleigon 50mm HFT

Its tempting, Rollei is the brand I lusted for along time ago as a magazine shopoer and the 6x6 format look interesting. My concerns;

1. Since digital backs are soooo expensive, Ill never be able to put one on should film vanish in the future. Is putting any money in a MF lens system foolish in this day?

2. Will I be disappointed with the quality of MF? Ive seen reviews about how the Canon 1ds is better than any MF camera (they showed some RB67 pix vs it on Luminous Landscapes)... Am I just being sentimental about film? Should I just be buying into the Canon system?

3. Should I just skip MF all together a just get a Linhof Technica III for peanuts.

Thanks in advance for feedback,


PS. The worst thing about digital is having to have your Body+Lens+imaging device (CCD) all from the same company!