Are you going to import into Ukraine photographic equipment and (that is much more interest for me) chemistry and films?
Yes, I am starting up small business. For 8 years I did the export for Amaloco Photochemicals, the Netherlands to the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Russia. Unfortunately Amaloco closed their plant in Ommen for environmental reasons half 2008. It was too expensive to re-organize all according strickly Dutch regulations and the owner was also to close to his pension. 79 years Amaloco came to an end.

However there are possibilities with Foma Bohemia SRO from Hradec Kralové, Czech Republic, their chemical dpt. is from Foton (Poland) and they are doing already a lot of business in the East (but also West )

Ukraine has a large history and art minded people. I had a preformance of Madame Butterfly in the Opera of Odessa. It was one of the best shows I have ever seen. The atmosphere, sound and building is tremendous good. I can only recommend everybody to see this spectacle.

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