I read many posts about Autochrome and developed my idea.

1- Buy a sheet of melinex.
2- Print a screen with original Autochrome dyes or Cheaper Starter equivalents with CMYK.
3- Tape printed side of melinex to the anti halo sprayed glass.
4 - Spray or coat the other side with emulsion.
5 - Take picture
6 - Develop
7- Remove the tapes and you have a autochrome.

I discussed this idea with Chris and he said that I needed to panchromatize the emulsion.

If I am not wrong , there were tube spray emulsions at the market.
How can I panchromatize sprayed emulsion before hardens ? Or can it be processed after hardening ?
If it is not possible , I would like to learn about panchromatizing liquid emulsions. What is the recipe ?

Thank you ,

Mustafa Umut Sarac