It depends on what camera I'm taking where. I just loaded a Nikon backpack with lots of glass and a Nikon FA, and a cheep padded shoulder ready bag with a N90s with a Tamron lens on it for a weekend trip to PA.

I have leather cases made by Kodak for most of my Kodaks, a suitcase made for my Nikonos, and a hard sided padded case that I bought at Walmart I keep my Pentax 6X7 in. I also have a Lopro bag that can be used as a fanny pack, or backpack, it would be a huge fanny pack though, I normally carry it over my shoulder.

I also have a footlocker type trunk that I can bring all my gear in if I really wanted to.

It all depends on the destination, terrain, mode of travel, and what I want to shoot with. I have been known to carry a medium format folder in my pocket for fun as well.