I have really enjoyed the "Darkroom Portrait" thread, but have perhaps a dumb question. I notice that few if any are storing chemicals in the old brown jugs/bottles. For many years I have used and stored my developers etc. in brown containers as I somehow came to believe that they were sensitive to long exposure to light. The great yellow "God" in Rochester even shipped many of their chemicals in brown glass. So I guess I am a bit surprised
to see so many clear or opal plastic jugs/containers in everyones darkrooms.

Is it a myth that developers and some chemicals need to be stored in dark container? I have always stored my chemicals right in the darkroom, so they are actually not exposed for long periods to sunlight or other light. But I have continued to use brown glass and plastic containers. Can someone bring me up to date on storage containers? I find it very difficult in my location to find the new plastic brown 1 gal jugs. Am very interested in your comments!