Thanks guys. The lenses I have are

Sigma 12-24
Nikon 10.5 Fisheye
Tamron SP90 Macro
Sb600 Flash

I also have a F65 and 50mm f1.4 which I'd keep for happy snaps. Basically, it really seems like the Rollei is a bargain.

Also, can anyone tell me about the Lenses? None are "PQ", whatever that means.. and some are Rolleigon.. can someone explain what difference this makes?

My shooting style is landscape and family portraits. I've only been doing photography for 18 months, and digital has been great to learn on (instant feedback). You can see some samples of what I shoot on my site.

The reason the Rollei gear is soo cheap, is that its just not well known in Perth, Western Australia. Theres no dealer or shop which really sells it, so its not used by many pro's here.

I couldn't afford to buy the Rollei gear and keep my D70. Id probably end up getting the Linhof either way, as its also cheap. The advantage of the Rollei to me is that it seems easy to use, and not just a studio cam.